esteve1When I first started out as a photographer, the topics I was most interested in were those relating to the world of nature, i.e., landscape and wildlife shots. This was undoubtedly because it is in the forests and the countryside that I feel most at home, due to my rural upbringing. I live in Tortellà, a small village in the Garrotxa district (province of Girona, Spain) where everybody knows one another. It may also be for this reason that i discovered that what I was really interested in were people and the cultural diversity of different civilizations and ethnic groups that still survive the contemporary phenomenon of globalization. I am fascinated by communities that still live in a traditional way, without losing their ancestral customs, and that maintain their own beliefs and a way of acting and understanding life that is usually much more responsible towards the surronunding environment.

Thus, being conscious that all this is fast disappearing, I decided to undertake this journey to try to discover what is left of this great cultural and anthropological heritage. I hope my photos will reflect these themes. Personally, I hope one day to be able to satisfy my desire to get to know other people like myself, and to understand and find answers to many unanswered questions.